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Occupational Therapy Resources | Krysalis Consultancy



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Article Reviews | Krysalis

Blog | Krysalis

News | Krysalis


How Neuro OT transformed me four years after a brain injury

Ronny Part 1

Ronny Part 2

Ronny Part 3

Fatigue and Traumatic Brain Injury 

Activity after injury may help recovery

Brain Anatomy – What are Chiari Malformations?

Brain injury pain management and occupational therapy

World Patient Safety Day - Neurological OT & safeguarding brain injury survivors.

NHS My Therappy List

Epileptic seizures and brain injury

Neuro Rehab - is it a moral right?

Reflecting on the ‘lived experience’ of stroke survivors 

Brain injury news in short

RCOT Publish: Exploring an individual’s dynamic, ever-evolving experience of their day-to-day life following acquired brain injury

Nutrition and rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy Heroes 2019

Nutrition and diet following Brain Injury

Humanising the approach to brain injury care.

Family Matters

Family and acquired brain injury

Backing up - Its more than data, its memories


Brain Injury Group - Court of Protection Training Day Part Two

Insurance Post Claims Award 2019

Head First Conference Family Matters

Krysalis supports UKABIF at The Speakers House in Parliament

BABICM 2019 Crisis, What Crisis?

Krysalis is the Headfirst 2019 conference Headline sponsors!

Krysalis are CMSUK 2018 Award Winners

VRA Awards Shortlist 2019

RCOT - Pledges for our Profession

ABI Solutions - Close Encounters of the Pain Kind Conference

RCOT - Networking event

Bush and Co - Breaking the pain barrier

CMS UK Awards

CMSUK Innovation & Evidence Based Practice

Serious injury Case conduct guide

Brain Injury Brought to a Halt by 68-year-old Anaesthetic! 

The New Tool Helping Medical Detectives Track Down Suspected Brain Injury…

Loneliness Among Carers at ‘Epidemic’ Level

2019 Head First Conference

Vitamin D Deficiency and Chronic Fatigue | Krysalis

Brain injury and social skills

Understanding the mental capacity act

Hidden Disability, Hidden Ability

Unpicking the impossible - Neuro OT and complex behaviour following brain injury

Jo Throp

Executive Skills and Brain Injury - Dealing with the Unexpected

Neuro OT review - Recolo Conference

The Rubik’s Cube of Childhood Brain Injury

Tech Matters

Self awareness after brain injury

Matt Gibson

Claire Shipton

Brain injury training day

Tech Matters

Occupational therapy week 2019

Predictors of Long-Term Outcomes after Severe Brain Injury


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mental capacity act


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