Services for Professionals and Organisations

A partner with a trusted reputation. We are widely acknowledged to be the UK’s leading provider of neurological occupational therapy.

Our referrers tell us that the intricacies of meeting the diverse needs of clients and their families, as well as ensuring they continue to meet the requirements of a case, can be demanding.

At Krysalis, we combine our expert knowledge of catastrophic and serious injury, including brain injury, spinal injury and neurological conditions, with original ways of working.

We understand the constraints and demands of the charitable, medical and legal markets and adopt a progressive approach to delivering our service to individuals, employers, companies and organisations.

Operational efficiency combined with innovative processes and expert knowledge results in referrers who trust that they are in safe hands, through even the most demanding cases and situations.

We can be trusted to support our referrers to meet the needs of their organisation or individual clients. We offer:

  • A single point of contact to manage new enquires, ongoing cases or projects
  • An out of hours helpline for immediate advice and support
  • Established service time lines
  • A fixed fee assessment with transparent pricing structure for ongoing rehabilitation
  • Timely deliverance of documentation and reports
  • Goal focused intervention

Our good governance ensures:

  • Robust recruitment processes
  • Education and training programmes for our team based around core competencies
  • Attendance at national conferences and education events
  • Evidence-based practices to inform clinical decision-making and report recommendations
  • Routine mentoring and supervision
  • Audit processes to ensure quality and data safeguarding

It is our responsibility to support our referrers to do the best job they can. We should always remain cognisant of the external factors that may influence their role, to ensure that the primary concern is always the injured person's rehabilitation needs.

Jo Throp, Clinical Director

We work with:

  • Case managers
  • Law firms
  • Case management companies
  • NHS trusts
  • Local authorities
  • The insurance sector
  • Charitable organisations
  • Residential rehabilitation providers and care homes
  • International clients

Professional Services



Presenting assessment findings, outlining clinical analysis and treatment plans.
Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills

The journey towards independence begins by identifying the barriers – only then can the process of relearning lost skills truly begin.
Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation

Combining specialist knowledge of neurological occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation for individuals with a neurological diagnosis.
Behavioural Rehabilitation

Behavioural Rehabilitation

Behaviour change may be so significant and enduring that it impacts on the wellbeing of others. This can be particularly disruptive within a family home or within relationships.
Equipment and Environmental Modifications

Equipment and Environmental Modifications

Access to the wider community for people with neurological disability can be limited by environmental and social barriers.
Education and Training

Education and Training

Sharing our wisdom to make a positive difference.
Assessment of Capacity for Everyday Decisions

Assessment of Capacity for Everyday Decisions

We support choice through use of specialist assessment processes.


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