• Clinical excellence

    Clinical excellence

    Specialist occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation services for people of all ages with brain injury, neurological and neurodiverse conditions.
  • Expert knowledge

    Expert knowledge

    We support children and young people without a diagnosis, those with ASD, ADHD, dyspraxia, sensory integration difficulties and the exceptional and talented
  • Navigating the journey

    Navigating the journey

    We focus on the person and not the process, and recognise the individuality of each unique experience on the journey towards independence.
  • Concentrating on your unique needs

    Concentrating on your unique needs

    Whether it is taking those first small steps or giant leaps, Occupational Therapy should be about what is important to you.
  • Creating opportunity

    Creating opportunity

    We are here to make a positive difference; to help you live your life the way you want to live it.

...realising potential, transforming lives

When times are tough, you need someone on your side. Someone who understands the challenges of the journey ahead.

At Krysalis, we combine our expert knowledge of neurological conditions, with innovative ways of working that guide you through the complexity of change and keep you moving forward.

We want to help you reach a place where you can connect with the unique potential that we believe is within everyone, irrespective of their diagnosis.

Let’s have a chat

We take time to get to know what makes you, you - creating space for you to talk so we can listen. We give you the opportunity to show us your day-to-day challenges, so we can see and understand them first-hand.

The approaches we use and the goals we then set together are guided by your unique needs. We help you and your loved ones to develop an understanding of ‘being you’ and what you are capable of.

Our latest news, blogs and articles

Sharing the knowledge

We combine our expert knowledge and expertise with innovative treatment approaches. We empower individuals to have a voice, ensuring they are not defined by their diagnosis but are able to realise their potential.

We share our collective wisdom to influence and educate people and professionals working in the field of neurological rehabilitation. ‘Talking heads’ is a means of bringing together individuals and professionals interested in brain injury, neurological and neurodiverse conditions. Our blogs, latest articles, news and resources focus on occupational therapy and neurological rehabilitation.

The road not taken

We understand that everyone is different with a unique set of abilities, skills, and needs. As specialist occupational therapists, we consider the impact a person’s differences can have on how they feel about themselves, their everyday being and the things that they do.

We know that navigating a path with someone who has seen it before can make all the difference.

  • My experience has been very good indeed. I look forward to working further with you in the future.
  • From the directors, to the office staff and consultants, I have always received a positive experience this can be attributed to their high levels of expertise, considerable knowledge and very friendly yet professional manner. I highly recommend Krysalis and I look forward to working with their dedicated team again.
  • I have been thoroughly impressed with Krysalis OT’s, the attention to detail with the various admin processes in complex cases. Their reports are detailed and well written.

A skilled Neuro OT blends the knowledge of a person with an in-depth understanding of the brain and how it functions. They have a curious and enquiring mind regarding the components of activities and where the barriers to independence lie, with a persistent determination to problem-solve and help their client overcome the actual or perceived barriers to independence

Jo Throp, Clinical Director

What makes us all unique

Our approach to neuro OT has been designed to make a positive difference at every step on the journey towards independence.

We understand that living an independent life is reliant on our ability to be physically able to complete activities and to have the cognitive skills to understand, remember, organise and plan. Our uniqueness then comes from how we live our life and view the world.



The incentive that drives us to believe what we are capable of doing.


The custom of choosing how we spend our time doing what we want to or need to do.


The practice that helps form the day-to-day lifestyle choices we make.


The physical and cognitive skills required to complete an activity to our best ability.


The space around us; where we live and spend our time.

A unique journey

Penny’s husband, George, sustained a brain injury after a fall in his bathroom.

She talks openly about George before the accident, the impact of his injuries, the challenges they have faced together and the role of the Neuro OT.

Meet Penny