Are you passionate about neurology?

At Krysalis we believe in the endless possibilities and potential of people. We would like to help you realise your own potential.
Join the UK’s leading provider of neurological occupational therapy rehabilitation.

What We Do

Krysalis is the UK’s leading provider of specialist occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation services for people with brain injury and neurological conditions. Our aim is to focus on the person and not the processes they are involved in and to recognise the individuality of each unique experience on the journey towards their own independence. We are here to make a positive difference; to help our clients live their life the way they want to live it.

We know that complex situations need a specific approach and understand that whilst clinical experience and knowledge of a condition is essential, life changing progress is sparked by a combination of experience, commitment and creativity.

Jo Throp, Clinical Director

Come and join our expert team

We are always on the lookout for experienced Neurological Occupational Therapists to join our team and are keen to speak with clinicians who have experience of serious injury or illness, including brain injury, spinal injury and neurological conditions.

If you are passionate about client-centred practice and recognise the value of taking the time to listen to ensure that occupational therapy intervention is focused on the client and their unique needs, you will fit well into our team. 

Are you confident in identifying the barriers to independence that a neurological client may face? This could include physical, cognitive and executive limitations, and behavioural and sensory presentations. 

Equally, are you able to clearly formulate effective treatment programmes for the community, work college or school environment?

We welcome individuals who are friendly, reliable and honest; clinicians who have the ability to instil confidence in others by being committed to doing their best.

Our team enjoy a number of benefits

  • Flexible working hours
  • Excellent rates of pay
  • Associate benefit packages
  • Guidance and peer support for those new to independent practice
  • Access to a cloud-based client management system, company email system and online resources
  • 1:1 mentoring and regular clinical supervision
  • IT support
  • Networking opportunities to learn and share skills
  • CPD support through company newsletter and industry updates

The Krysalis Way

We are accountable to our Occupational Therapists, ensuring at all times that their expertise shines through. 

We are passionate about our profession and work in a unique way by bringing innovation to neurological occupational therapy. We understand the complexities of a rehabilitation journey and believe effectiveness of an approach is grounded in combining expert knowledge with innovative processes.

We are a friendly organisation who is responsive to the needs of clients, staff and referrers. We want others to feel supported and confident in our abilities. Our approach provides opportunity for all to grow and learn.

We continue to work hard to maintain a culture where everyone has a voice and where we are transparent with everything we do. We are an organisation where successes, however small, are celebrated and where errors are noted and lessons are learned.

What our staff say about us

  • Thank you for your support - really useful supervision session! Associate Occupational Therapist
  • I feel I have developed and grown as a therapist with Krysalis and wish to continue to do this. You are an exceptional Occupational Therapist and Teacher and I am very grateful for all the clinical guidance you have given me over the last three years. Associate Occupational Therapist
  • Thank goodness for documentation – it’s been really great to look over what I have attempted with him and how I have gone about it and what his outcomes have been. Made me feel quite good about it all actually. Associate Occupational Therapist
  • Thank you very much for calling today and for your positive feedback. I really appreciate this, particularly in the context of a very challenging case! Associate Occupational Therapist
  • Thank you for being there through the highs and the lows and for the fantastic technical and admin support too. I genuinely felt cared for and valued.Ex-staff member
  • Can I just say thank you for all your support while I've been working for Krysalis. It’s nice to know that if I either needed any advice the you or the team were only a phone call or email away. Ex-staff member
  • I would also like to thank you all- working for Krysalis has truly been a pleasure. I have had the best two years, partly owing to absolutely loving work with my two clients, and also owing to the fact the office team have been extremely easy and straightforward to work with. I cannot thank you enough for your recent help- kindness which I shall always remember. Ex-staff member
  • I really learnt a lot at Krysalis and found that working toward the GAS goals and the amazing support of the all the staff members made working enjoyable and rewarding. Ex-staff member
  • Although I've worked only a few months with Krysalis, I must say the staff are one of the most helpful people I've ever had to pleasure to work alongside. I've appreciated learning from all of you. I will miss all of the team. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to work alongside staff who are passionate and committed to empowering clients who are often marginalised from society due their condition. Ex-staff member
  • Thank you for your support over the past year. Krysalis was the most wonderful company to work for, my favourite in fact. You were all there for to support the teams and I, no matter what. Thank you for your guidance and support with the care plans, thank you for your instant response to any help I needed, thank you for your patience and support with any personal requests. I wish you all the very best. Ex-staff member

Next Steps

  • If you are motivated to learn, grow and develop, are inspired by innovation and happy to use your experience and knowledge to make a positive difference, please do get in touch. 
  • You may be working within an existing role and want to branch out into the private sector or may want to make that leap completely.  We can help you achieve this.
  • If you have at least 5 years post-qualifying experience in neurological occupational therapy and can dedicate at least 1 day a week to private practice, call our office administration team today.

If you answered yes to all three then please get in touch.