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Onwards and upwards - one story of living with an Acquired Brain Injury

Onwards and upwards reflects the moving story of one family living with the consequences of Aquired Brain Injury (ABI). Whilst recognizing the scale of ABI incidence across the UK in any one year, this short film aims to offer hope and optimism for those who are impacted by this form of life changing injury. One story is powerfully told by those directly impacted by ABI, a son, a mother and their supportive occupational therapist. There was no script or agenda for this film, our aim was to listen and record.

The experiences shared here by both the individuals affected by neurological conditions and their family members offer valuable insights to deepen understanding and awareness. The ‘lived experience’ of living with a neurological condition is explored here, including the broad-ranging consequences and complexities unique to each individual. Our Clinical Director, Jo Throp, and the Krysalis team of specialist neurological occupational therapists also reflect on the value of neuro OT when working in this complex field.

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Bob Proctor


Chris' Story

Chris sustained a brain injury whilst working as a tree surgeon in Australia. The tree he was working on collapsed and he fell 50 feet to the ground. In this case study we meet Chris and his mother Denise, they talk openly about the consequences of his brain injury, the challenges they have faced together and the role of the Neurological Occupational Therapist, Zoe.


 Meet Chris


 The Amazing Brain

The brain is the most amazing mystery, inside our head is an organ that is packed full of hundreds of thousands of neurones. These neurones are cells within our brain that work together to form the control centre of our body.  Here our Clinical Director, Jo Throp, introduces this essential organ.


The Amazing Brain




Penny's Story

Penny’s husband, George, sustained a brain injury after a fall in his bathroom. In this case study she talks openly about George before the accident, the impact of his injuries, the challenges they have faced together and the role of the Neurological Occupational Therapist.


Meet Penny


 What we do

Our service is tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals living throughout the UK with a brain injury or a neurological condition.  Here you can learn about our experiences of working within this specialism and why we are undaunted by the complexities of a diagnosis and any presentations.


What we do




Andrews' Story

Following a healthy lifestyle helped to ensure Andrew Wood had the energy for his demanding job as Head of Ministries for the UK’s Methodist Church. 
So, there was no one more shocked than him when he suffered a sudden severe stroke one winter’s day at Winchester Cathedral. 


 Meet Andrew

We are passionate about occupational therapy and neurological rehabilitation. ‘Talking heads’ is a means of bringing together individuals and professionals interested in brain injury. The blogs, stories, films, current research and news aims to inform and spark moments of inspiration, reflections and points of discussion.

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What others say about us

  • I am always so impressed by the therapist’s commitment to and ongoing understanding of Claire and her situation. I am sure the rest of the family will share my thoughts so please pass on our heartfelt thanks to the therapy team when you next see them. Sister of brain injury survivor
  • I just wanted to drop you a line to say, whenever I call the office, Claire, in particular, is always very charming and efficient. She is a good representative of your company and has a nice phone manner and a good approach to customer service. So, thank you Claire. Mother of brain injury survivor
  • The following will never be enough to illustrate Paul’s journey but we are eternally grateful to the NHS, IM, ILS, Krysalis and the whole infrastructure that has been created for Paul. Yes, Paul is focused, determined and driven but the whole team have created a rehabilitation environment that has changed our life and Pauls future, they have made the thought of life and rehabilitation, turn from the impossible to the possible. Brother of brain injured survivor
  • The thought of having the family undertake this journey alone seems impossible and we will be always grateful. We all recognise that James is still on the rehabilitation journey, but there is no stopping him. He has just walked to Mum’s & Dad’s on his own (phone first to say he’s on his way)... what a way to celebrate the 2-year journey.Brother of brain injured survivor
  • I highly recommend Krysalis Consultancy OT services. Anna has been our life line since she came on board to help my husband following his brain injury. He has improved greatly thanks to Anna’s input in assisting him to become independent, teaching him step by step the simple things which we all take for granted. Anna is there for us 100%, teaching us both strategies to enable us to achieve better results.Wife of brain injured survivor
  • Just a short note to thank you very much for your hard work and persistence over the last few months, your guidance has undoubtedly helped and taken the pressure off me (I have benefited from the sessions greatly). I am really encouraged by the last few weeks and optimistic that if Peter keeps working at it he will continue to make good progress.Brother of brain injured survivor