covid 19 guidance

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covid 19 guidance

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Thpandemic that is affecting the world is unprecedented. The whole of the United Kingdom has been asked by the Government to take measures to protect our own health

We have been asked to work together to protect the most vulnerable in our community to safeguard the NHS and all front-line workers

These guidelines impact significantly on daily life, familiar  activities and daily routines that  are for many people no longer possible. The information that is being shared is complex and guidance is changing daily. 

For many people living with brain injury,  the familiarity of consistent routines and community activities forms part of a daily structure that offer‘scaffolding’ to promote independence and wellbeing. The evolving news stories offering detailed information and guidance can be difficult to processFeelings of anxiety and isolation can be heightened.

The focus of occupational therapy, among other things, is to promote independence and wellbeing. As a profession, we are skilled at assisting individuals to grow, adapt and change through catastrophic life-changing illness and injury

The COVID-19 pandemic is not unique to one person; it is a challenge for us allHowever, it is important to remember that survivors of brain injury may require additional support to help them understand the impact of the virus and the actions they need to take. We hope the information below helps.

Head over to our public resources page to download our growing range of guidance in PDF form.

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